30 Jan 2012

...Monday dance...


A little ballerina, dancing on top of
a snail of all things! Poor snail!

Green shell ring

Tessa Rickard soldered and constructed this ring using
sterling silver and 14K gold materials. The shell is real
and NOT dyed. The shell is clear coated for protection.

Doll Disaster Design, Etsy

29 Jan 2012

Window snail tuorials

Do you want to make your own
transparent snail window decoration?

Purchase a tutorial here:
Kakaka-Geschenkideen , DaWanda

Waldorf snail

How cute!!

Purchase it here:
haengemattenelfe, DaWanda

28 Jan 2012

Ivory netsuke of a snail and gong

Ivory netsuke of a snail and gong, 19th century
Purchase it here

'The Slow Coach'

Comic History of Rome
Image by John Leech, from: The Comic History of Rome
by Gilbert Abbott A Beckett.
Bradbury, Evans & Co, London, 1850s

27 Jan 2012

'Puppies and a Snail'

by William Luker Snr (1828-1905)

25 Jan 2012

24 Jan 2012

Inquisitive Kittens and Puppy with Snail, 1903

'Little Tom', 1922


'Little Tom', 1922
by prof. V. Tille
illustrated by Otakar Štáfl

Read the book here:
Project Gutenberg eBook


22 Jan 2012

Tableau de mission - François-Marie Balanant

File:Tableau de mission -François-Marie Balanant tableau 1-.jpg

An allegorical image depicting the human heart subject
to the seven deadly sins, each represented by an animal

Clockwise: toad = avarice; snake = envy; lion = wrath;
snail = sloth; pig = gluttony; goat = lust; peacock = pride

21 Jan 2012

Hans Hoffmann: 'A Hare in the Forest', ca. 1585

Baby soft felt lined pram shoes

Cute shoes for small feet: 0-4 months

These sweet shoes are made from green felt and
lined with bright and cheerful Happier Bugs fabric by
Riley Blake (100% cotton). They have tags at the
heel made from buttercup yellow ribbon.
Straps fasten with velcro.

Purchase here: Peerie Fish, Etsy

Music snail...

20 Jan 2012

Strawberry Hill Studio Art Pottery Snail

'Snail and butterfly with flowers'

by Christophe Huet (1700-59)

18 Jan 2012

Snail hat

A snail box

designed by Jonathan Adler
Purchase it here: Nest

16 Jan 2012

Children's book illustration

by ~IsacGalvao

Puck cover

Due Process of Law. Illustration shows Justice,
wearing a crown labeled 'Law' and carrying a sword
and scales, riding on the back of a snail, climbing a
steep hill strewn with bolders labeled 'Certificate of
reasonable doubt, Appeals, Change of venue, Injunction,
Stays' toward the "Hall of Justice" at the top
of the hill. illus. Ehrhart. 1903.

14 Jan 2012

Hi again - glad to see you!

Vintage Art Deco era French Champleve
enamel and gilt metal snail, 1930s

'Snail woman'

by Jessica Page

7 Jan 2012

Snail by Arthur Rackham, 1899

Chapter tailpiece from Gulliver’s travels
into several remote nations of the world,
by Jonathan Swift, London, 1899